My TV List

My dear blogworms,

You will probably soon discover that I love lists. So, in celebration of fall tv starting, here is a list.

TV shows I’m anxiously awaiting:

0) Doctor Who: It’s 0 because it actually already started. Not that it means much. I anticipate every episode like it’s the first one.

1) Downton Abbey: I’m-ahem- definitely not going to watch this until it comes back to the US in January.

2) Bones

3) How I Met Your Mother: Mr. W loves this and now I’m attached even though I haven’t seen the first 5 seasons.

4) Modern Family: I have several issues with the show (Why don’t any of the women work?!), but it’s hilarious and I just can’t stop watching.

5) Merlin: After re-watching all of New Who in preparation for the season starting, I realized something. A hilariously large number of actors who play important characters in Merlin have been in an episode of Doctor Who. After I spotted the first few, it kind of became a game. Spot the Merlin actor in this episode. I wasn’t the first person to notice this, of course, but it still amuses me.

6) Ice Loves CoCo: This is my one and only reality tv addiction. They are just so adorable!

7) Doc Martin: Unfortunately, this won’t be back until next fall, but I’m still excited. At least the next season is in the works unlike number 8.

8) Torchwood: Is this ever coming back?! It’s not even that good, but I still want it.

I would also be anxious for Parks and Rec to come back, but I’m only in season 2 so I have a while before I need the new episodes.

What small screen wonders can’t you wait to watch?

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6 thoughts on “My TV List

  1. I love your list and I watch 5 out of the 9. Do you want to do a guest blog recap for my site about Ice Loves CoCo?

    • I would love to! The only problem is that I don’t have cable, so I’m not sure yet if I’ll have a place to watch it consistently when it airs.

      • Is it on VH1? I know VH1 shows all their shows online. also you could just put what episode it was and we will throw it up, we don’t need everyone. If it gets a ton of action we may start covering it every week. Also I just reread this post and thought it is funny that none of the women (+ Cam) work. Maybe not as modern as we all thought?!

      • It’s on E! actually. I can definitely do that if you don’t mind me missing a few/having them a few days late. More people need to share my love of Ice and Coco!

  2. Lauren says:

    can’t believe we Americans have to wait until January for the next season of Downton Abbey. going to go crazy! other shows I’m really pumped about are Sherlock (is he still alive? of course he is…), Community, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Once Upon A Time, HIMYM (really just want to meet the mother already!!!), Happy Endings, and Revenge. Revenge especially!!!

    • I can’t believe I forgot about Sherlock! How could I leave out Benedict Cumberbatch, owner of the best name ever?! I also just caught up with Parks & Rec, so now I have to wait for that too. Sigh… So much waiting around.

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