Travel Time: San Francisco

I went to San Francisco for the first time last week. Mr. W’s grandparents invited us, Mr. W’s twin sister, and his cousin. They also paid for basically everything, which was extremely nice of them. I really don’t have much to say about the trip. It was cold and I definitely did not pack correctly ( lied to me!). Mr. W and his sister argued quite a bit. It’s a good thing for the rest of us they usually reside in different states!  The trip was good, but it really was not super interesting. We mostly did touristy things and ate a ton of food. I highly recommend R&G Lounge and McCormick and Kuleto’s, but I’m meh about Cotogna (too rich, which is saying something for me) and The Slanted Door (no specific reason; it just wasn’t as good as the price indicated).


Anyway… enough chatter. Here are some pictures courtesy of Mr. W. Not very many, because we kept forgetting that we had the camera.


1. Palace of Fine Arts

2. Claude the albino alligator at the Academy of Sciences

3. A bridge you may have heard of once or twice

4. City Hall

5. Tig hiding behind a cushion

Tig wasn’t in SF; I just like that picture.

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I still think Sartre was right.

Hell really is other people.

In particular, for a lot of women hell is other people on public transportation. For many years, I’ve wanted to live in a city with good public transportation, but the more I read about it the less appealing it sounds. This blog post from is one of the best I’ve read so far on the subject. I think what I like about it is that she’s not talking about a situation where she was seriously threatened (although those are also important), because that’s not really the point. Often when someone has been in real danger the conversation turns into “how you as a woman can avoid having strangers bother you” and “what to do if someone one totally freaks out on you or threatens you”. I’m not trying to minimize the point made in any of these conversations, but I do think they sometimes distract from the fact that we shouldn’t be having them at all. Anyone should be able to take public transportation at any time without being bothered. End of story. No matter how innocent your question/desire for conversation is, that probably isn’t the time or place. At the very least, you need to be very, extremely, painfully aware of any body language indicating that you are not welcome.


On a slightly lighter note, WhiteMalePrivilege is quite entertaining. It’s already inspired another blog post that I’ll be posting another time.


As a final note, here is a comment by atrollappears on this article on that I think is a fantastic explanation of mansplaining (emphases mine):

“While I agree some of this isn’t gender-specific (aka, anyone can be a condescending ass), mansplaining isn’t just guys explaining stuff. Its guys explaining stuff to women specifically *because* they assume, in the context of a patriarchal culture where the collective and individual voices of men are elevated above the collective and individual voices of women, that they know more by mere virtue of being male. And this manifests itself 1) in the denial or minimization of women’s perceptions and experiences (like the commenter oja points out below) or 2) he presumes knowledge and superior understanding of a subject because he’s male and a lack of knowledge or incomplete understanding of a subject by women–c’mon gals, you know you’ve had this happen! You “misunderstood” something or missed the “real” point, etc. And to pre-empt any trolls: I’m not saying a guy does this maliciously or even consciously, rather what he does, like even so many women do, is internalizes the message that society constantly bombards him with that he’s awesome and better and tough and masculine and cares about “important” things like politics and science and girly stupid stuff like makeup and babies and shit–because he has a penis. That is gender specific, and its not so much a problem with men as it is with patriarchy.”


I think this comment hits the major points on the head, including the note that mansplaining isn’t usually intentional. Society fucks up men and women both, and I think this is one of the ways men get the short end of the stick. It seems to me that men often get a strong message that the world revolves around them (as individuals, not as a group). That (often totally unconscious and unintentional) all-about-me mindset makes it really hard to empathize with other people’s experiences, especially if the experience is something that could never happen to them (it’s easier to imagine your house burning down and suddenly having nothing than it is to imagine suddenly having a female body and risking being harassed every single time you walk down the street). If you can’t empathize with someone else’s experiences, it’s really easy to minimize them.


My Moments: A Photo Post

Here are a few pictures from my life in the last few days:

ImageCrazy Eyes! I tried to get a picture of him stretching adorably, but by the time I found the camera he was contemplating killing me in my sleep.

ImageDelicious sourdough toast with butter and a current reading project. The bread is from Schat’s Bakery in Bishop (there’s also one in Carson) and it was Really Fucking Good. We ate the whole loaf in 3 days.

ImageClean laundry in pretty colors.

ImageLyla in her favorite spot. The linen closet. At least she always naps on the beach towels instead of the bath towels.

ImageA (mostly) clean kitchen with the tea kettle on.

ImageA cup of mint tea and my iphone with the cover that was supposed to be purple but clearly is not.

ImageOur pantry. Mr. W and I should not be allowed in Costco. Also, Mr. W should not be allowed to unpack groceries. Unless there actually is a good reason to stack tea bags on top of potatoes that I don’t know about.

ImagePictures, both from Ikea and still in plastic wrap, that we haven’t hung yet.

ImageThe kittehs were not happy about my attempt to clean the dining room for tomorrow’s dinner guests.

ImageI succeeded anyway. Take that cats! It was easy too. All I had to do was bring the vacuum into the room.

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My TV List

My dear blogworms,

You will probably soon discover that I love lists. So, in celebration of fall tv starting, here is a list.

TV shows I’m anxiously awaiting:

0) Doctor Who: It’s 0 because it actually already started. Not that it means much. I anticipate every episode like it’s the first one.

1) Downton Abbey: I’m-ahem- definitely not going to watch this until it comes back to the US in January.

2) Bones

3) How I Met Your Mother: Mr. W loves this and now I’m attached even though I haven’t seen the first 5 seasons.

4) Modern Family: I have several issues with the show (Why don’t any of the women work?!), but it’s hilarious and I just can’t stop watching.

5) Merlin: After re-watching all of New Who in preparation for the season starting, I realized something. A hilariously large number of actors who play important characters in Merlin have been in an episode of Doctor Who. After I spotted the first few, it kind of became a game. Spot the Merlin actor in this episode. I wasn’t the first person to notice this, of course, but it still amuses me.

6) Ice Loves CoCo: This is my one and only reality tv addiction. They are just so adorable!

7) Doc Martin: Unfortunately, this won’t be back until next fall, but I’m still excited. At least the next season is in the works unlike number 8.

8) Torchwood: Is this ever coming back?! It’s not even that good, but I still want it.

I would also be anxious for Parks and Rec to come back, but I’m only in season 2 so I have a while before I need the new episodes.

What small screen wonders can’t you wait to watch?

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Introduction/The Cast

Hello blogworms!

For the general about me/the blog, you can see the about page for this blog. Instead of repeating myself, I’m going to introduce the rest of the cast. So, here it goes:



1) Mr. W

Mr. W as you may have guessed is my husband. He likes football, bad jokes, silly singing, philosophy, and food. Unless the food is a vegetable. In that case, he only likes it if it’s raw. We’ve been married for a little more than a year Not that it really feels like it since we spent the middle 9 months living 2000 miles apart.


2) The Kittehs



This is Lyla aka Pretty Girl aka Princess Lyla. She likes being left alone, toys that wiggle on the floor, and laying on top of things you are using.



The tuxedo kitteh is Tig aka Tigga aka Tigga Wigga aka Mr. Wigga aka Crazy Eyes aka Hitler ‘stache Kitty. He likes empty pill wrappers, biting noses, and most snuggles.

The grey tabby Opie aka Ops aka Opie Wan aka Squeaks aka Stripey Boy. He likes tuna, kneading any body part he can reach, and hiding from basically everything.


I wish I could pretend that the cats won’t actually be major characters on this blog, but they will be. I am seriously obsessed with them.  That’s probably a side effect from spending most of my time alone with them for 9 months. Whatevs. If you don’t like cats, there are millions of other blogs you can read. Besides, if you’re reading this, you probably already read this blog and just wanted to see how it started anyway.


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